Our 200th Cat!


Meet George of Mendota!  George was our 200th cat to be spayed or neutered, vaccinated, and returned to his outdoor home where he will continue to receive loving care from his human family.  George will no longer be populating the neighborhood, roaming in search of mates, fighting with other tom cats over mating, spraying and marking will be drastically reduced or totally eliminated, and he will be happier and healthier for it!

George lives in a colony of 18 barn cats, and we’re so pleased that every single one will be spayed or neutered by the end of next week, ending the constant cycle of spring kittens for this family.  As long as the family spays or neuters any newcomers who might appear or be “dumped” at their farm, their colony of 18 cats will gradually go down over time now.  Should they require more cats for rodent control in the future, we will place new healthy, sterilized barn cats with them that must be relocated or that are facing euthanasia.

George’s farm is one of many colonies that we have successfully stabilized, meaning that every single cat has been sterilized and the colony is at 0% population growth.  Time and time again we hear from these families “It is such a relief to walk into the barn and know I am not going to hear the faint ‘meow’ of kittens ever again!”

Oprah Adopts from PAWS Chicago

If we’ve ever spayed or neutered a feral cat for you, odds are good that PAWS Chicago did the surgery.  In addition to running the nation’s busiest low cost spay-neuter clinic, PAWS Chicago has a stunning cageless adoption center on Clybourn Ave. in Chicago.  Last year PAWS was featured on the Oprah show when she aired her special exposing puppy mills; Oprah donated an adoption room to her beloved Sophie and vowed never to buy a dog again, only to adopt.  This past weekend, she made good on her promise when she visited PAWS Chicago and adopted a beautiful blonde cocker spaniel.  In spirit, we’d like to remind everyone to adopt their next pet, never buy.  Purebred dogs are always available if that’s what your heart desires, and you will be saving the life of an animal in need instead of supporting the cruelty of puppy mills or backyard breeders.


On that note, PAWS Chicago has asked IV Cat Taxi for help adopting out the lovely Myrtle that you see pictured above.  Myrtle is an 8 year old Chow-Shepherd mix who while in the city now, longs for the quiet country life.  She is advance obedience trained and would be perfect for a retired person, or a family without other pets.  In trade for you providing Myrtle the serene country life she desires, she will provide you with a bounty of snuggles and companionship!  Read more about Myrtle on PAWS adoption page, and contact contact Robin Wood at rwood@pawschicago.org or 773.687.4712 for more information.  IV Cat Taxi would be happy to help arrange for Myrtle’s transportation from Chicago.